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What Is GotBackup?

What is GotBackup? Hi guys, This article is about the health of your computer, laptop and smartphone…. GotBackup is a brand new service (with years of company backing) that backs up your computer, laptop and phone files photos and videos.

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Pulled Muscle Ice or Heat?

One of the most common questions I get in my clinic is “When I pull a muscle, do I put ice or heat on it?” Well….it depends. Definitely ONLY apply ice in the first 24 hours, and after that, you

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Good Posture At Work

Good Posture At Work. Consider these points when thinking of good posture at work: When we lift or carry something heavy or stretch to reach something high, usually our bodies let us know instantly if we have pushed them to

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10 Tips To Reduce Fat


The thought of cooking for a lot of busy people is never as appealing as grabbing a quick pizza or chicken and chips. But losing weight is 90% diet or ‘eating right’, and only 10% about how much exercise you

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Kettlebell Guide

Complete Guide To Kettlebell Training – Beginner to Advanced I guess for many people Kettlebell Training may be how you first discovered me. I was one of the first to introduce Kettlebell Classes into London and still teach Kettlebells to

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Home Office Exercises

office exs 1

Home Office Exercises Here are a few exercises you can do at the office. The are not too strenuous, but best not to forget to bring some deodorant to work anyway!

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Back Pain Relief With Bak Balls

bak balls 1

Reduce pain and stiffness with “Bak Balls” Bak Balls are used by the Physiotherapists to immediately back pain relief and can be also used in your own home, at the office or while driving in your car to loosen a

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Showing Gratitude

7  Ways To Show Gratitude Have you said thank-you to someone to show how grateful you are for them today? It’s such a small thing, but it can have a huge impact on your life, and the life of that

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Coffee Saves Your Life

Coffee can build muscle, boost brain power, and even save your life. Coffee has  been revving people up for the last 1000 years, and with over 21,000 studies on caffeine, scientists have pretty much solved every mystery. Your Health A

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Fast Fitness with Kettlebells

Kettlebells are an effective and versatile fitness & strength tool. The exercises that can be performed with a kettlebell can incorporate all of the muscles in the body. The workouts can be quick and intense resulting in some surprising changes

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