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Nigel’s Story

profile2Hi guys!

I created this site because I’ve spent the last 10 years searching for a way to dig myself out of a hole….

Let me explain:

I ‘m not that different to you. I felt like a spectator in my own life! Fear, anxiety and regret were all emotions I went through on a daily basis.

After losing all my savings and retirement fund (I won’t go into the gory details) I set about searching for another source of income online. Ok…here’s my list (and the people who know me will be laughing):

  1. Day Trading – Futures ie. how to lose 10k in 3 months…mmm :-(
  2. Ebay – Course cost thousands, never did a thing (I even planned to go to China to check out manufacturers!)
  3. Network Marketing – 8 different companies! Not one of them worked!
  4. Horse Racing Gambling System (hey, it was foolproof!)
  5. Some Ponzi scheme where I was told my biggest problem was going to be where to keep all the money I made (maybe dig a hole in the back yard)
  6. Affiliate Marketing – Setting up websites, advertising on facebook… OMG! WOFTAM!


And at the end of it all, I found I had wasted a lot of money, learnt some great marketing skills and made VERY little money from my efforts.

One night I was laying in bed, and came to the realisation that the reason I wasn’t successful WASN’T because all these methods didn’t ‘work’…

It was because my head wasn’t right.

By accident I stumbled apon a course by Mark J called go90grow. It teaches¬†network marketing with a totally new twist that defuncts a lot of myths about the profession (btw, I’m learning new skills that makes the process non-threatening and rejection-free).

There is a ‘course-within-a-course’ that studies Napolean Hill’s ‘Think And Grow Rich’ book.¬†All the ‘Self-Improvement’ and Attraction Marketing B.S. that’s out on the internet now, I see in a totally new light….but I’ll reserve my rant about that for another post)

I was introduced to ANOTHER network marketing company

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